ART SERVICES INC has its origin in the Contemporary Art Scene of the 1960’s.  The Company traded services for art with budding local LA artists such as David Hockney, Sam Francis, Ellsworth Kelley, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein as well as many many others.  The famous contemporary atelier Gemini G.E.L. had its offices in the back of Art Services Inc building until it moved to its beautifully designed Frank Gehry location a few blocks away in 1970.  Art Services continues its close ties to the contemporary art scene by providing the highest quality innovative designs, workmanship, and customer service available to the discerning art customer.


In addition Art Services Inc provides the same high level service to discriminating museum curators, interior designers, and hospitality art consultants.


At ART SERVICES INC you can count on our

- Personal attention

- Servicing Small or volume orders

- The best Custom designed, ARCHIVAL framing

- Working with Budget-conscious, value priced line

- Exceptional, on-time service


Our team of designers and fabricators have years of experience in the production of the finest quality acrylic and wood displays for fine art objects. We can fabricate to your design specifications or our design staff can assist with the creation for your individual needs - from hotel lobby chargers to vitrines and cradles for the Getty Museum and the Huntington Library, we have designed and produced it.


Art Services Inc, through careful attention to detail in all aspects of its business has earned recognition as one of the “finest” art services and picture frame companies globally.


Call, fax, or email us. Our designers and project managers are here for you!


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