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ANY wood frame can be left in its NATURAL state and merely waxed to showcase its innate beauty (and some of its own beauty contains natures flaws!), or STAINED or PAINTED an entire palette of colors to enhance the containing environment for your artwork.


We begin at our Los Angeles production facility with the RAW wood - we have literally hundreds of profiles and varying species of woods to choose from, and hand-craft your custom frame the old-fashioned, quality, way - one at a time!


ANY PROFILE, ANY FINISH...  from the most TRADITIONAL to the most MODERN, we can provide it for you!



From the most authentic period frames through traditional and modern, there is nothing like a genuine gold leaf finish or genuine white gold finish to make your art shine.


There is an amazing transformation that raw wood goes through to become a gold or white gold leafed frame - we actually have a raw piece with all the steps at our showroom that visually showcase what is involved in the process...  a multitude of variables enable a wide range of TRADITIONAL through MODERN finishes for any profile.


Come and explore your options!

The properties of ACRYLIC [or PLEXIGLAS] as it's known are CLEARLY evident (pun intended!) as this material allows for some very forward-thinking looks...


Some of the uses can be seen in the form of a sleek picture frame made entirely from acrylic, and frequently a regular or UV-inhibiting ARCHIVAL faceplate product, through pedestals and objects to showcase product or artwork, and even FUN furniture and furnishings.  We use this fantastic substance EVERY DAY - and our uses can be seen in homes, galleries and fine museums and institutes globally!


If you can think it, chances are we can produce it!



Ever wonder HOW those museum pieces look so amazing?  Well it takes creativity, vision, ingenuity and, well, action.


Have a special piece that you want displayed?  Well it's not only one-dimensional artwork that needs an appropriate display to showcase it - the 3D world comes alive under the proper guidance - come see some of the most unique treatments for artwork of every size and shape!


From The Getty Institute to The Huntington Library, through displays in The Louvre, we've had a hand in some of the world's most precious artwork - so trust your artwork in our visionary hands.


Acrylic, wood, metal - we've done it all... and we're ready to work our magic for you!

The work "CUSTOM" really conjures up an image in one's head, doesn't it!  It should, because when you're working with us, we are ALL about ART...YOURS!


We have manufactured the FINEST CUSTOM picture frames, CUSTOM mirrors, and working with acrylic (aka Plexiglas), wood, and metal have allowed us to create a myriad of amazingly designed CUSTOM projects.


What do YOU need?!?!


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